Thursday, 21 January 2010

TP, Copybot Supa, Banned!

And... all in ten minutes. And this is what will happen to any other asshole that try to copybot me or my friends.
The best thing about it was that I managed to get three copybot accounts banned all at the same time! WIN!

The sorry thing about this copybot activity though, is that it wasn't me they would have hurt by copying my avatar. Almost all of my avie in SL (apart from my shape and a few odd bits) is made up from clothes, skins and items from other SL content creators. How dumb do you have to be to qualify as a copybot griefer these days? FAIL!

While there may be legitimate uses for copybot, there is no excuse for teleporting into a sim, copying the land owners' avatar and his parter, then standing around with your thumb up your arse as if that is perfectly acceptible behaviour!
When my partner questioned the offender as to why he/she copied her, the answer came, "I was bored!". I wish I could say I had a more intelligible response, but as you'd expect when you try to converse with such idiots, the response is of the usual illiterate profane half-brain retort. Not that it mattered though, before he could say anything remotley witty, he was gone and banned! WIN!

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