Monday, 28 December 2009

TOS Violating Octopus!

I had a strange email this morning regarding an item I have had listed on Xstreet for over three years. The item in question was our Free-swimming Octopus. The message reads

Hello Supa Shang,

There was a problem with your item listing that required us to remove it from the Marketplace.. The specific problem was related to the following area: Terms of Service. The administrator added the following comment:

Disallowed Actions: Anti-Competitive or Abusive Behavior.
If you need to communicate with us and the ticket number in this notice has expired, please create a ticket in the Second Life Support Portal
Your item will be automatically relisted in the Marketplace and Search index after you fix its listing.

-Item Name: Free Swimming Octopus

Please login to your account and click the following link to fix your item:

-Link: Click here to fix your item...


Xstreet SL Support


I have looked at our poor little orange fellow, and I can not see at all how he violates LL TOS!?! Did Linden Labs have too much turkey over Christmas, that they feel they have to now act like one? Maybe it is a malfunction in some automated anti-TOS script they have running that checks listings? Maybe it is one of our frustrated competitors who really really love our products? Who knows! One thing I do know is that there are plenty more online market places for Space Bums to migrate to, and if Linden Labs continue with this bullshit I can guarantee that we will pull out from Xstreet altogether.

Let us know if you have had similar emails like this.

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