Sunday, 17 August 2008

AVpack v.62 Demo Release

Thanks to those that took part in the testing of AVpack v.62 over the weekend. I hope to iron out any last minute bugs and update the web docs to highlight the new features.
AVpack was brought to you with the letter A, lots of coffee and a hell of a lot of,

Cheers peeps


Kevin B said...

Very cool. I was looking into this and I was wondering if this (or any product for that matter) will allow me to find the location of another avatar if they are on a different sim than the one I am on.

Supa Shang said...

Hmm! That sounds more like a dedicated intersim scanner. My friends has one of these, I will have to ask him who the creator is.

Kevin B said...

That would be awesome if you could get me the name of the product or the creator. I would appreciate it. Thanks.