Sunday, 24 August 2008

AVpack & MONO

With server update 1.24 and MONO looming, I am hoping to test the AVHUD with a feature known as "bytecode sharing". This means scripts compiled under MONO will offer multiple scripts all doing the same job, to be treated as one asset, if the primary script is copied. This is cool, as it only uses memory allocated to the primary script rather than individual script memory.
This makes the AVHUD an ideal candidate to test this first, as most of the functions of the AVHUD use cloned scripts. In reality, this could mean uber performance benefits when crossing sim boundaries, less script crashing due to failed or slow loading and faster overall execution of the AVHUD features and better animated behaviour. Once AVHUD hass been successfully optimised, I will move onto AVpack to try improve things there.

Once MONO is rolled out fully, please refrain from begging me to recompile your original AVpack. Like most scripters, we would rather provide a fully working version of our items, rather than an over excited botched job. Rest assured, I will be as excited as you are to see what benefits MONO has for us.

"Time to train the monkey!"

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