Tuesday, 1 July 2008

New Aquatics

Woohoo, busy month of June! I have been hard at work updating scripts in our aquariums. Adding the new glow feature to good use. On the aquatic life side of the store you will now find updated Puffer Fish, Sharks and Electric Eels of all things! The shop has had a lick of paint too with a new cooler color scheme. Check out our updated central display aquarium where you will see our newer animals all playing and swimming happily together. On the gadget side we have the Glubbler HUD, an easy way to manage those pesky bubble scripts for your aquatic displays. I'm not giving all the secrets away here so make sure you pop down to The Tropical Fish Shop in Melanthia to check it all out. Oh did I mention that we have the hopping frogs back? Yep we have rounded them all up again and scripted them for H4. Free swimming goldfish anyone? Sheez I have been busy! Anyway.. see ya there. :-)

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