Wednesday, 2 April 2008

HAVOC! "No Kidding!"

Linden Labs kill most of the weapons in AVpack!!!

Yep they did it again! With the release of HAVOC4 onto the main grid over the period of April 1st 2008 (yeah figures huh!?) came a lot of foolish behavior from our beloved virtual world.
I can almost imagine employees at Linden Labs covering their ears at all the phone calls from customer support telling those in "the know" where to go!
Countless L$ and time spent by both gadget/weapon designers and enthusiasts all worthless in the world "created and run by its residents" yet broken and "borked" by its creators!
Newcomers to SL may think this sounds like a rant or a winge blog... well when you have been a long term resident of SL and also are paying over $125USD for something that never quite gets fixed, you can expect people to winge. Especially when we have no control over what they do and will do next! Yet despite this, all we can do is hope that they add more patches to the already mummified world, before it finally falls to pointless pieces and people start to leave.

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