Tuesday, 30 October 2007

AVpack v61 OUT!!!


-v.61 The "Sorry For The Delay - Supa Fell In Love" Update
• AVHELPER updated to include web supported docs (if available). These new changes will mean some re-writing of the site and AVhelper so please be patient if you discover inconsistencies of dead links.

• Blog icon added to the HUD to allow easy access to Linden Labs blog.
• HUDTV icon added to allow quick access to HUDTV supported land content.

• Particle system code capture changed. (internal).
• Alpha code changed to faster routine. (internal).
• Hot Help for chat commands removed (to save on scripts).
• Scripts cleaned and updated.
• LED will now show when super jump & dash are on on AVpack device when visible. AVpack must be visible for these to show. HUD indication is in the works for future updates.

• Flight Assist: Added a “Flight Trail” effect to the flight assist. You can now have a user defined particle stream be left behind you when you fly. See Flight sub context menu on HUD to set and toggle trail on or off.
• Added ability to "flyto cam" a short distance (60m). Handy for evading traps or to bust through shop walls or if land has no drop for use with CamTP. Simply hit the CamFly button icons on the hud. This feature is experimental and will probably improve in future updates.

• SOCOM rebuilt, scripting improved, optional HUD, reduced mem usage. Mass and explosive rounds added. SOCOM is given to user in a folder to inv now instead of dropped in world as it is quite prim heavy.
• SOCOM updated menu system and added a few more bullets. Damage under 10 makes bullets non push. Speed option so you can do those slow motion "Matrix" type bullet shots!
• AVpack: Updated code in Idiot Trap to act the same as regular trap.
• Spanner: Menu organized more accurately and damage and speed sub menus added plus a few more objects added and improved.
• Spanner: Added custard pie thrower, Petrol Bomb, Fireball, Fireworks and more.
• Spanner: Rocks changed to a sculpted rock prim. Can be thrown at people, thrown in water (they splash), thrown in the air and they will make asteroids to shoot at.
• Spanner: Boom Wall disc is now physical can now be thrown. Can be used to throw for a buddy to shoot at, once hit it will rez a boom wall which can then be further shot at.
• Spanner: Mushbooms added to throwers. These explode on impact with avatars only.
• Spanner: Dynamite can now stick to things once thrown. Since the bomb can be thrown down bunkers or around corners it was decided we needed a sticky-bomb so this makes a welcome change.
• Spanner: Plant and tree seeds are now physical after user request.
• Spanner: New "Fix" and "Smack" modes added for future compatibility with other devices.
• Shield will auto pass attacker key to AVpack target system. So if someone shoots crap at you all you need to do is hit #x or Kill from the HUD.

• Poofers removed from main AVpack object and placed in the Emubble icon to separate the textures from the objects. To view this child prim type /avpack

• Optional tpfx particle effect and sound added. To replace to the old effect remove the "---" from AVpack description field. Custom TPFX only work while --- is in AVpack description field.
• Teleporting auto releases you from any sitting animations now. So no more walking on your butt after a sit down tp.
• TPFX system more manageable. Icons added to AVHUD - Avibilities sub context menu to set both TP texture and sound. Commands are
/tpfx for teleporting effects on/off
/tpfxsettexture textureuuid - to set texture
/tpfxsetsound sounduuid - to listen for sound to be played then /play uuid to set.

• Flight engine rewritten to use better timings and allow more flexible control. Speeds lowered but compensated for.
1 = slow
5 = normal
30 = medium
100 = fast etc...
• Powerturn feature added to allow over drift or under drift during flight. When on you can turn slower rather than overshoot. When off you can twirl as you climb or descend to increase your speed.
• User can toggle default flight speeds by holding down Page Up & Page Down together while hovering.
• To get to the ground/sky faster in medium to high speeds with power turn off simply rotate your avatar around.
• Coms: Weapons should not lose permissions now during AVflight.
• llTargetOmega removed from E-mubbles to avoid issues with unstable physics.

• Subchat: system code repaired, now with notifications to assist users.
• Chat: Repaired /rez objectname and /give inventoryname commands.
• Menu Interface: The option "User Menu" on the main dialog menu now sends a call to "-0011" with the string "User Menu" as the message.
This is so scripters can add there own dialog menu calls to AVpack. More API features may be added in future.
There is also a chat call to this which is /um

• Emote Icons: New design & also added ability to ad your own custom away messages to the AVHUD. You can still use the defaults by text commands like /afk etc.
• Added a titler to use above your head. The syntax is /title textabovemyhead . To clear the title just type /title

• Vehicles: Alpha Flyer scripts cleaned up. Menu organized and "Cloak" feature added. Weapons updated. Flyer also communicates better with the lander decks of the Sky Station plus less laggy now.
• Vehicles: Rocket Pod updated slightly. Less prims, cleaned up scripts and removed old code.
• Vehicles: AVchair updated. Phys CamTrack & Non phys movement.
• Variation of the Alpha Flyer shell included in this update. type /rez alpha flyer x7
• The old Skimmer (2 man hover Scooter) now uses auto altitude adjust like the XT. So no more wobbling when you hop on it on your sky decks.

• Storage boxes updated to list all inventory types (apart from scripts).
• Mushroom group seating added. type /mushy
• Rewired an AVhelper device to be a sculpty texture viewer for your sculpty textures. You can use this to store your sculpty textures in and visually view what they look like. /rez sculptyview and drop
in your sculpty textures. Use the arrows to scroll through and click the object to get the texture.
• Added a fun little thing called a "tripper" to rez one type /rez tripper and just click.
• Photo Bay changed based on many Photoshop user requests.
• Added a new deck style. Type /deck to use. Can be sat on so you can build without being pushed.
• Lander Decks: use a less laggy channel to listen to the landing gear of the Alpha Flyer..
• Gtable gets its table back. /gtable
• Builder Pack: Added a STORAGE bay to the build out modules.
• Builder Pack: Added a SHOW & HIDE option to the main options. Now you can tuck your backpack away when not needed.
• Stand: "I pimped your stand!" Stand is now is an animation organiser, touch centre to show/hide, arrows to cycle dropped in anims.
• Bean Bag: Just a quick little alternative seat for you and your buddies to chill out on. Type /rez bean bag

Parcel Tools
• Parcel Tools: Land controls now usable through chat via /ban /unban /unsit /sendhome /eject
• Parcel Radio: Radio will now use URL's from AVpack radio server if no #RadioStations notecard is found inside your own AVpack.

• Added ability to CamTP using WarpPos to the shield. Simply sit on your shield and hit the green and red teleport arrow icon on the AVHUD to TP to your cam position.
• CamTP code added to AVpack device instead of HUD, so no more request permission nag requesters.
• CamTP now reports cam position in chat.
• Shield now listens to Teleport icon on hud (red arrow with green rings). You can now add Warp to your warfare!

• Re-scripted to die when owner within chat range rather than sensor menu spam for new target.
• Reports back name correctly.

• Scripts: Removed ---Serv script as this is now part of LControl.
• Some minor script timing improvements for avatar abilities.

Work still continues but I wanted to get this out so people could have more fun over Halloween. Expect more bug fixes, improvements and better docs as we get closer to Christmas.
Any gremlins or things that are just weird, please email supa@spacebums.co.uk with a full detail and how to replicate any issues.

Thanks peeps

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