Friday, 22 January 2010

Fish Frenzy Fishing

This is an update on our Fish Frenzy fishing game.
Some of you may have noticed that there have not been many updates to Space Bums products over the last few months. That is because we are pushing forward to release a project that we should have released back in 2007. With the sucess of AVpack, Fish Frenzy got put on the back burner for a long while. Now I am glad to inform you that its back, and it looks and plays great. Fish Frenzy is not your average lucky dip fishing experience. Unlike other fishing games, you have to PLAY the game, and that takes skill, and that skill is rewarded. There have been a number of fishing games (without name dropping) that have popped up over the years. I have looked at all of them, and they are pants. So I am glad to say that Fish Frenzy still offers players a refreshing fishing experience. I can't go into too much detail as to what the game involves right now, but I can assure you that trying to script it without wanting to play this addictive sucker is a nightmare!

Stay tuned.

Thursday, 21 January 2010

TP, Copybot Supa, Banned!

And... all in ten minutes. And this is what will happen to any other asshole that try to copybot me or my friends.
The best thing about it was that I managed to get three copybot accounts banned all at the same time! WIN!

The sorry thing about this copybot activity though, is that it wasn't me they would have hurt by copying my avatar. Almost all of my avie in SL (apart from my shape and a few odd bits) is made up from clothes, skins and items from other SL content creators. How dumb do you have to be to qualify as a copybot griefer these days? FAIL!

While there may be legitimate uses for copybot, there is no excuse for teleporting into a sim, copying the land owners' avatar and his parter, then standing around with your thumb up your arse as if that is perfectly acceptible behaviour!
When my partner questioned the offender as to why he/she copied her, the answer came, "I was bored!". I wish I could say I had a more intelligible response, but as you'd expect when you try to converse with such idiots, the response is of the usual illiterate profane half-brain retort. Not that it mattered though, before he could say anything remotley witty, he was gone and banned! WIN!

Monday, 28 December 2009

TOS Violating Octopus!

I had a strange email this morning regarding an item I have had listed on Xstreet for over three years. The item in question was our Free-swimming Octopus. The message reads

Hello Supa Shang,

There was a problem with your item listing that required us to remove it from the Marketplace.. The specific problem was related to the following area: Terms of Service. The administrator added the following comment:

Disallowed Actions: Anti-Competitive or Abusive Behavior.
If you need to communicate with us and the ticket number in this notice has expired, please create a ticket in the Second Life Support Portal
Your item will be automatically relisted in the Marketplace and Search index after you fix its listing.

-Item Name: Free Swimming Octopus

Please login to your account and click the following link to fix your item:

-Link: Click here to fix your item...


Xstreet SL Support


I have looked at our poor little orange fellow, and I can not see at all how he violates LL TOS!?! Did Linden Labs have too much turkey over Christmas, that they feel they have to now act like one? Maybe it is a malfunction in some automated anti-TOS script they have running that checks listings? Maybe it is one of our frustrated competitors who really really love our products? Who knows! One thing I do know is that there are plenty more online market places for Space Bums to migrate to, and if Linden Labs continue with this bullshit I can guarantee that we will pull out from Xstreet altogether.

Let us know if you have had similar emails like this.

Sunday, 23 August 2009

AVpack Release 64 Is Out!

This is just a quick note to let all AVpack users know that I have placed release 64 into our update server. To get your free optional update, please type /m then go to the Options > Updates

To check your current version, please type /version
To view changes to this version, please type /web

Those that took part in the beta test can grab the latest release by typing /forceupdate

Thank you for supporting AVpack

Monday, 25 May 2009

Space Bums updates on Twitter

Now you can follow all the latest happenings in and around Space Bums by following our official tweets on

If you own an Apple iPhone, you can find some great free Twitter apps on the iTunes store. Look for Twitterific. There is a free version and easy to use and will get you started.

Windows users can check out the amazing Digsby multi-instant messenger with built in support for social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Hi folks,

For those taking part in the beta of .63 Avpack, I have patched and added the following


*Patched "---ScreenAnim" MONO debug information


*Improved GO TO distance is now able to travel a whole sim.
*Added TP TO icon. Rez a CamTP beam and sit on it, then click TP TO to select avatar target to travel to on your CamTP beam.

More details about the progress of this version can be found on the updates page here